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mission statement

Licensed, bonded and insured since 1990. L.B.I. Investigations is dedicated to providing high level investigation services and excellence, and committed to helping clients with their critical needs. 

L.B.I. Investigations stands by their integrity, skills and knowledge to provide the best performance and outcome possible in order to achieve satisfaction for the client.

L.B.I. Investigations provides investigative services that are cost effective, and timely.

All investigations conducted by L.B.I. Investigations are done with discretion and with the importance of protecting client confidentiality. All reports and communications are strictly confidential.


L.B.I. Investigations is committed to providing clients with investigations done in a timely, ethical and discrete manner. L.B.I. Investigations will match the goals and objectives of the clients to provide for the clients' success in reaching them. Call L.B.I. Investigations and speak to a private investigator for your investigative needs.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured Since 1990
License #1001841

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