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photo by Petr KrachvilASSET SEARCHES

Asset searches are complex. Searches on public databases are only the start. Our private investigators have access to data not accessible by the general public. Various methods of obtaining information are involved, including document location and verification, surveillance, third party sources, foreign sources, obtaining information on local and international offshore bank accounts, securing information on motor vehicles and  real property and/or businesses owned, brokerage and stock accounts owned, trademarks, patents, judgments, liens, and much more. Each case is unique and individually handled.

International or overseas accounts may be challenging and time consuming to discover, however, our private investigators are fully equipped to meet the challenge, and have access to methods to help locate these types of accounts. 


L.B.I. Investigations will conduct nationwide and/or international asset searches to locate hidden assets, for the purposes of judgment collection, including family law issues, such as divorce and child custody matters,  to procure payments for purposes of alimony or child support, tax evasion issues, and civil judgments for collection and recovery.

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